1.  Clean out book bag

2.  Review papers in folder – keep graded papers with scores of 70 and above, return papers with grades of 69 and below, fill out forms sent by office, PTA, etc. and return ASAP, discuss other papers your child did in class.

3.  Put in any important information that needs to come back to school and tell your child it’s in the folder and explain what it is or what it’s for. (Example:  this money is for your lunch account)  Please label any money sent to school in an envelope with your child’s name and my name on the envelope, just in case it falls out of folder.  Instruct your child not to open folder on the bus or in the gym as they wait in the mornings.

4.  Read for 20-30 minutes (or longer if your child is agreeable)  Have your child read outloud for at least 1 minute to you.  You may always read to your child.  This is an excellent way to improve attention span and listening skills, as well as improving vocabulary and helping with fluency.  It helps for children to hear good readers read.

5.  Put book bag by the back door or wherever it will be ready to go first thing the next morning, without frantic searches.


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